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There are numerous Android apps used on a daily basis by various people all across the globe. With most of the applications being on the Google play store, they vary in size and android version rates. Some of the Apps are free apps while others you must part with a few coins to be able to use them. Some apps have unique features, and that can only be accessed at a specific cost. Lucky Patcher app comes in handy when it comes to operating your favorite cool apps. The features in Lucky Patcher are functional for every android user. Lucky Patcher Apk gives you control over your Android applications, and you can be able to operate the apps fast and efficiently. The app can also work well with a non-rooted device, however, to maximize the potential of this application you need to root it on another device.

About Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher App has an android version of 7.3.6. When compared to other apps, it is a high version. With an excellent rating of 4.5+, the app has secured lots of popularity over time due to its efficiency and swiftness to work on other applications. Developed by Chelpus, Lucky Patcher was last updated on the 1st of March and has over 16 thousand millions + of people installing the app and is still gaining popularity.

Lucky Patcher Apk Features

To start with, the Lucky Patcher enables you to get free in-app purchases in other apps. With Lucky Patcher Apps, you will also be able to use other applications that have unique features without paying to be able to use them. The application enables you to hack into app purchases of over 80% of Android applications available on Google play platform.

The Lucky Patcher also has a special and unique feature that gets off annoying adverts that keep on popping up when you are using the other apps. You do not have to sit through the entire advert; rather, you remove it entirely from the app using the Lucky Patcher App.

With the Lucky Patcher, backing up your data and your other applications is very easy. You can later retrieve these applications and the data anytime you need to use them. The best part about using this application as a data backup is that it can work on a non- rooted device as well as it can on a rooted one. It also has various custom Patches that molds your applications to the features that you decide to use. It is somewhat like customizing the apps to suit your needs.

The Lucky Patcher can also conveniently remove the license verifications of other applications making them run with much ease. You do not have to freak out about getting the error notification of an app that is downloaded from a different source.

The excellent application also converts your applications into the system apps. This factor will enable you to keep your applications on your android device permanently. The application is also able to help you move your heavy application to your SD Card and free up space in your android.

Lucky Patcher newest version is the 7.3.6 and has been updated recently. The new version has new fabulous features that upgrade the App making it even better. In the latest version, Bugs are fixed, the translation is updated, the custom patches are updated and so is the Google play proxy server.

How to Install Lucky Patcher?

Installing the Lucky Patcher is easiest thing to do; the installation process is natural and takes a short time. Below are simple steps on how to install the application and run it in your Android phone.

  1. Download the app from download link given below.
  2. You will be blocked from installing the app and will get a message like this.
  3. Go to Settings > privacy and check the option of “Unknown Sources”. This step is mandatory, otherwise your app will not be installed
  4. Tap the app to start installation.
  5. Wait for it to install the app on your phone.

How to use Lucky Patcher for In-App Purchases?

Using lucky patcher apk for hacking in-app purchases is sometimes confusing and many users get overwhelmed by the features and options available in this app and can’t get to decide which feature to use. Today we are giving you step by step guide to use it with your apps to make in-app purchases absolutely free. For this tutorial we will use Lucky Patcher Apk on one of the most famous games knows as “Temple Run 2” and will try to make an in-app purchase. You can simply follow the steps and use it with any other app or game in the same way.

  1. 1- Lets open our app to see what we want to purchase in it.
  2. Here we can see a number of great deals that we can test on.
  3. Look at the prices of those deals. Its just too costly for that kind of junk.
  4. Normally when we click/tap on one of those deals, look what pops up. So you need to pay 49$ for that stuff. Go on and pay if you want, But i am not gonna spend my hard earned money for that kind of sh*t.
  5. So let’s start our friend and see what it can do for us.
  6. So when the app has been loaded, You will be able to see a list of apps that Lucky Patcher Apk can patch for you.
  7. Tap on the app you wanna patch, for our example, i will tap on Temple Run 2 app. You can see when you tap on it, You will get many options. That’s where most of the people get confused.
  8. Just tap on “Open Menu of Patches” from this menu and you will be able to see a list of new options opened for you to select.
  9. You will get many options here on the screen. 1st one that users are mostly tempted to tap is “Custom Patch”. My recommendation is, Don’t even look at it because it is kind of outdated now and does not work anymore. You just need to tap on “Create Modified Apk file” as shown in screenshot.
  10. After that, just tap on “APK rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation”.
  11. Then finally tap on “Rebuild the App” button when you are prompted.
  12. This will take some time so you need to wait here for the app to complete it’s procedure.
  13. Once its finished, It will pop up some message of success like below. Here, you need to click on “Go to the File” button.
  14. You will see the app name here. This is the modified app. Just tap on the name and it will ask you to install it on your phone.
  15. Just click on Uninstall and install. It will uninstall the already installed original app and will install modified/hacked app in which you can make in app purchases for free. This method is for those who do not have root access to their phones.

If You have Root Access to Your Phone

If your android mobile phone is rooted already or you have root access then you can follow the method given below.

  1. Just open the Lucky Patcher Apk App, Tap on “Temple Run App” (Or your desired app, we are using it as example). and the tap on “Open menu of Patches”.
  2. Tap on “Support Patch for InApp and LVL emulation” on this screen.
  3. Then On this screen you need to tap on “Apply”. This will start patching the app as shown below.
  4. So Once It’s done, Just tap on “Launch”.
  5. Your patched game will get started.
  6. So Let’s go to the store and see if our patch worked.
  7. Look at the prices now. They are nothing compared to the original ones. Let’s try to buy a thing from here.
  8. Just tap on “Yes” on this screen and move on.
  9. Boooooom! As you can see, i have purchased a pack of 650 gems and i got them for free with Lucky Patcher Apk App.
  10. Now you can also do like this. Just select a deal to purchase, tap on this 3rd option and tap on “Yes”. Now everytime you tap to buy this deal, You will automatically get it without any further prompt or verification. Isn’t it cool?


The simple process above will help you hack in-app purchase of your favorite apps quickly and efficiently With the simple guidelines above you can install install Lucky Patcher on your Android Phone and Hack in-app Purchase and enjoy using the apps of your choice. The updated version is fun to use, and you will enjoy hacking in-app purchases and using the other applications for free. Install this cool application and enjoy using your favorite applications for long periods of time at a free cost. The application gets frequently updated so the user can be able to enjoy the features in the app without it dragging entirely. This great app will help you to remove annoying ads, ability to modify permissions, by-pass premium licenses in the applications app among other great features. The millions of users with thousands of good reviews can attest to the functionality of this application so try it.

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