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Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Latest Version: 2.23.1 update 8 hours ago
System: Android 4.4+

This game was created specifically for outdoor activities and search for new acquaintances. If you wanted to find something original and unusual, then consider that your search is already finished.

Story and action in the game

The plot of this game is based on the fact that there is some kind of strange energy in the world. Oddly enough, it accumulates around monuments and other significant historical objects. In a word, it can be found in those places that mean a lot to contemporaries and past generations.

Meanwhile, scientists managed to find out that the aforementioned energy greatly influences the way people think. Thus, it would not hurt to collect and accumulate it. Hackers cracked a secret database and laid out specialized software in the public domain. Now everyone can collect this energy.

Features of the gameplay

The main feature of this game is that the entire gameplay takes place on real streets. For navigation will be used GPS sensor for your device. In this regard, this game rather quickly discharges the batteries of modern smartphones. Remember this when you go on long journeys.

There are two opposing sides in the game. Each of them seeks to establish control over all the portals in the world. In order to do this, the player must go to the energy source and hack it. If necessary, you will have to destroy other people's resonators.

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