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Developer: Nordcurrent
Latest Version: 1.1.1 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.0.3+

Feel yourself in the role of a sniper: shoot the terrorists, while in the shelter. For coins earned from successfully completing tasks, buy new weapons, ammunition, upgrades.

First Launch

When we first enter, we are transferred to the training mode. Here we are quickly brought up to date. It becomes clear that our main goal is the terrorists who need to be destroyed without pity, but in accordance with the task.

Game Modes

  • Every man for himself;
  • Command;
  • Capture territory.
  • All modes are available in single player and multiplayer modes. It is worth noting that even playing in single player mode requires an internet connection.


    Regardless of the choice of mode, the user is placed in the center of the map for cover. Move around the location can not. You can only look around and use the sight. To change a pose, to hide and to squat too it is impossible. Therefore, success in the dash & laquo; Sniper Arena & raquo; depends on the reaction rate and shooting accuracy. A newly discovered enemy must immediately be “planted on the front sight” & raquo; and an accurate shot (preferably in the head) to eliminate. Otherwise, the enemy can create a danger to our life as soon as it finds us in an ambush.

    Initially, only one location is available. Subsequent open as you progress through the levels and earnings experience. For each successfully completed task will be assigned game currency. It can be spent on the purchase of improvements for weapons, new ammunition, etc.

    On our website you can download the free version of the Sniper Arena game Sniper Arena (hacking for money) for Android.

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