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Developer: Frojo Apps
Latest Version: 1.46 update 5 days ago
System: Android 4.0+

This is the fifth virtual tamagotchi in the series. In it, you have to take care of the main pet in every way: feed, wash, pamper, dress up, treat, and so on.


& laquo; Moy 5 & raquo; plot game. The main character octopus, which hatches from the egg right in front of us. We soap it and rinse it under the shower, replenishing the indicator of the corresponding indicator and gaining experience that helps to increase the level of our hero.

The higher the levels, the more Moe he grows in front of us. Also available are more mini-games and gaming opportunities. As in most virtual Tamagotchi, available for download on mobile platforms at the present time, the game offers a comprehensive care for your pet. You need to feed him well, wash him, entertain him, put him to bed, heal and much more.


After reading the description of the gameplay, you might not notice the difference between the last Moe and the previous parts. However, features primarily affected mini-games. In the fifth part, 40 mini-games are waiting for us. Playing them, we will not only fill the indicator of pleasure Mou, but also earn game currency.

Among the mini-games there are: a garden, an aquarium race on typewriters, a sports field and many others. With the money earned, you can buy new outfits for Mou, exquisite dishes, as well as interior items.

Here you can download both the original game Mow 5 (Moy 5) and hacked into coins for Android.

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