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Latest Version:1.123
Last Updated On:17.05.2019
Android Required‎:2.3.3+

4 people can play at the same time, although there may be fewer players. In this case, one of the players acts as Slender, and the others will be his victims.

First Launch

As soon as you enter the game with your friends, you need to make a distribution right away. We need to decide who will play Slender, and who will get the role of his victims. By the way, the victims of the maniac will be simple students.

The main purpose of Slender is to search for gullible and frightened students, as well as crackdown on them in some cruel way. At this time, students must find dolls, of which there are only 5. They are special amulets, the destruction of which completely deprives Slender of strength.

Such amulets will be located throughout the location, so it will be quite difficult to find them. If you catch the monster's eyes, you can hardly escape from his tenacious paws. To cause him serious damage is also unlikely to succeed.

Game Details

Acting as a Slender is quite simple. In fact, you just need to run around the location and deal with the destruction of scared people. Everything else, he has a very useful skill with which he can quickly understand where the victim is. Therefore, playing Slender, you can not particularly strain. The only significant drawback of the game is a large amount of advertising.

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