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According to preliminary data, the game will be different entertainment and incredibly large game world. On the minimum version of Android, on which it will run, is still unknown.

Game Story

Since the mobile game will be an analogue of the computer version, which was released several years ago, the plot of the game is not a big mystery. Events begin from the moment when a truce finally arrived in Hyjal.

However, it was short and acted only as a lull before the storm. After the Third War, a lot of misunderstandings and conflicts remained, due to which new battles will soon flare up.

And this time there will be no allied parties. Each will defend their interests, considering others as enemies. Therefore, the player will have to lead the army to bring his people to a long-awaited victory again.

Game Details

The gameplay is divided into several chapters, which allows us to consider the inflamed conflict from various sides. You will observe the development of the opposition, speaking on the side of the night elves.

Among other things, you can lead an army of undead, blood elves or hordes. Each race sets itself different goals in a similar war, and also has everything necessary to completely crush opponents. The game will be a lot of new characters, buildings and combat units.

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