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Developer: locojoy game
Latest Version: 1.4.3 update 6 days ago
System: Android 4.4+

In this game you have to survive in a city full of an army of the walking dead. Find useful items, solve interesting puzzles and do everything possible to stay alive.

Story and action in the game

This is an atmospheric strategy with RPG elements. In this game you have to survive in the harsh conditions of the zombie apocalypse. How did you get into this damned city called BuriedTown? Let's say that your tourist expedition ended in an unfortunate way.

I had to get into a boat and moor to the shore of an unfamiliar town. Now your misadventures are just beginning, because the walking dead are running here with might and main. Communication with the outside world is completely absent, and this is due to the fact that the entire civilized world ceased to exist overnight.

There is nothing worse than loneliness, especially when the sunset of humanity as a race is in full swing. Take up the radio and try to find the same survivors. How long will you manage to stay in the company of zombies, hunger and various diseases?

Build your own shelter and try to get all the necessary resources to not need anything. You will have the opportunity to trade with the NPC to exchange the items and goods you need. Be careful, exploring the city streets, because the undead can wait for you at every corner.


  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Fascinating plot.
  • Original graphics.
  • Simple and easy control.

Here you can download a hacked version of the game Buried Town for Android

Download BuriedTown

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