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Developer: AGaming+
Latest Version: 2.3.0 update 6 days ago
System: Android 4.1+

In this game, users will interact with the cruel world, to participate in the struggle for limited resources, to collect valuable items. All the action takes place from the first person, which only contributes to complete immersion in the exciting atmosphere of the game.


Players will explore the location, trying not to die from radiation. The path will have to be found almost at an intuitive level, following the indications of the Geiger counter, indicating an increased dose of radiation. In extreme cases, a bad red frame will tell you about the bad circumstances, indicating a close outcome of the main character.

Graphics and Management

The Sun game can be compared to the Stalker series on a PC. The same nuclear catastrophe, the same post-apocalyptic atmosphere, the same killing radiation, the same embittered people and mutant monsters. Of course, the graphics, characters, game content in the game is unique in its own way, but the idea is not new.

As for the control system, then, it can be said, is traditional. Users are prompted to use a virtual joystick to move, as well as a number of active keys for shooting and reloading, opening inventory, using binoculars or a flashlight.

The game screen will also show scales of health and endurance (the energy in the game is quickly wasted, and it is necessary to save strength). Will you be able to withstand radiation, weathering, dehydration, hunger, cold, predators and dangerous people?

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