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Icon Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter
Developer:Snail Games USA Inc
Latest Version:4.15.0
Last Updated On:02.12.2019
Android Required‎:4.0.3+

Immerse yourself in the reckless adventures of Tai Chi Panda and his friends. Thanks to the dynamic gameplay, the gameplay is incredibly interesting.

What is a game

This game is among the most anticipated in 2017. In it, the user will be able to get a lot of pleasure from participating in combat battles, driving Taiji Panda and his loyal friends. You can choose any faction, after which you can develop skills and create your own fleet.

And the fleet will be assembled from monsters, which will allow you to fully control not only the earth, but also the sky. In your power to change the fate of the whole world, applying the right strategy and winning victories in battle.

Game Story

While in the big cities did not settle masters of Tai Chi, the planet was ruled by huge dragons, which act as creatures of the moon and sun. It was they who created all life on earth and maintained harmony between people all over the planet.

This went on for several centuries, until the dragons were puffed up. Dark feelings took hold of their souls, so they started a terrible war with each other. Naturally, you will not be able to influence the outcome of this war.

But in your power to save all those who survived on the planet. Rather, go to the defense of the weak, using the power of Tai Chi for good. Prove to dragons that the life and well-being of the world is much more important than pride, greed and vanity.

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