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Voice Assistant Cortana will tell you the weather, set reminders for voice commands, sing in a sweet voice or tell a joke, help you find the desired object on the map and much more. The only flaw at the moment: support only English.


Intellectual helpers on Android OS are rapidly gaining popularity. Already released dozens of applications that serve as assistants: understand the voice commands, control the functions of the phone and search for the necessary information on the Internet. Apple has released its Siri, Google Google Now, and Microsoft Cortana.

Unfortunately, & laquo; Cortana & raquo; the latest and youngest development, which has yet to be improved. Currently, the application only understands English, does not correctly recognize remote locations in Russia and other East Asian countries, and does not know how to perform complex queries.


  • Simple interaction. Improved voice recognition algorithms, the ability to enter commands using the keyboard.
  • Weather forecast by request (from MSN weather station).
  • Jokes and jokes on any topic (own database + sources from Bing).
  • Chat bot, which will support the conversation on all topics (so far only common phrases).
  • Effective information retrieval (organizations and objects on the map).
  • Set reminders by voice (what, when, how many times and so on).
  • Support only English.

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