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Category: Games
Developer: Murudai
Latest Version: 1.13 update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.0+

You have to push asteroids, transform the planets, observe the emergence of the mind and the development of life. But the creator in you will not stop there: you will erase life from the face of the planet, increase its mass, create a black hole and watch a supernova explosion.


The gameplay is massive, but rather monotonous. It is necessary to push asteroids, increasing the total mass of the celestial body. Soon a handful of asteroids turn into a small planet.

Life and the mind are born on it is inevitable, despite the low probability of a successful combination of circumstances. For some time you will be able to protect your planet from a collision with asteroids, but you will understand that your gameplay obviously should not end there.

Your planet will have to grow. For some time you will collect asteroids and satellites in its orbit, and then add them to the planet in order to increase its mass. Naturally, all life on earth will disappear, but on the scale of the universe it is a small sacrifice.


Simple casual space strategy impresses with its scale and compliance with real physical concepts, which are now accepted by astronomers.

The game has a minimalist design, so it will go on any device running Android operating system older than version 2.2. It is especially nice to play it on a tablet, where you can watch the system as a whole.

You can download Solar 2 (Solar 2) for Android on our website absolutely free of charge!

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