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Developer: Foursaken Media
Latest Version: update 1 month ago
System: Android 2.3+

Tower Defense, strategy, action-RPG are just a small part of the genres, elements of which harmoniously intersect in the game Heroes and Castles, which can be downloaded just below. You will be able to develop your hero, manage the army, develop the kingdom, repel attacks of enemies and much more.


Heroes and Castles high-quality game with elements of several genres. From the strategy, the game got a systematic and multifaceted development of the castle with the expansion of territories, economic management and other nuances.

From the role-playing game, the ability to choose, pump, & laquo; dress up & raquo; your character. From the genre & laquo; Protection of the castle & raquo; wavelike attack of enemies, as well as the ability to gradually improve the defenses and use new types of defensive structures.


  • Epic campaign with elements of & laquo; Lock Defense & raquo ;! More than 30 waves of the enemy must be fought off.
  • Tons of undead enemies, goblins, orcs, spiders, mummies, etc.
  • High-quality strategy. Upgrade walls, build towers, expand territories, build rafts as additional outposts of security and much more.
  • Role play. More than 9 classes of heroes with unique characteristics, skills and disposition to the use of certain weapons.
  • Multiplayer opportunity to clash in a fierce battle with a real opponent from different parts of the world or compete with your friends.

Then you can download the full version of Heroes and Castles, but also hacked for money.

Download Heroes and Castles

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