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Latest Version: 4.2.8 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 12+
Size: 50 Mb

Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2 APK Mod is an android mobile apk game, and it’s full of fun, excitement and addiction. With lots of downloads this game is becoming more and more popular among each and every age of people. The best part is Mini Militia is a two players game, you need to have wifi in two mobile phones to challenge your friend.

This game is mainly popular in India, Philippines, Nepal, Thailand and many more. You can play this exciting game entire day with no kind of weariness. Influences me and my partners to snicker all the time about the amusing and funny moments of the game like:

  • Incidentally Falling and biting the dust on Mines.
  • When you and your partner re-spawn at a similar spot.
  • When you try harder to cover up in the green bushes and find that somebody is as of now there.

How to play mini militia with friends from home?

  • First of all check your version because this feature only comes with Mini militia’s new update.
  • Now go to Multiplayer button.You will see these options.
  • Now go to Go to custom and this screen will be displayed
  • Now Click any of this server and press Join button and you will see this screen.
  • You can join any game from this section .you can see that number of players and battle grounds are there.
  • Now how to host and invite your friends ??
  • Click on host
  • Give name to your room
  • If you want password then click on lock button and enter your password
  • Tell your friends to go multiplayer >> Custom >> server which was selected by you >>search your room name >> enter password if you selected
  • You are done now… enjoy your game.

Tips and Tricks For Mini Militia Game

  • Always go for a good gun or go yourself with two gun to have the advantage. I always go for sniper,rocket launcher and shotgun. It will make the differnece
  • Sniper and shotgun makes an effective combination, pretty cool.
  • There is another good combination is shield and pistol or you can have revolver with that, shields can block you from bullets and bombs
  • Play smart not hard, recheck your weapons and keep it loaded before engaging in battle
  • Try your focus to maintain your rocket fuel full whenever possible.
  • If you get hit, try escaping and hide to regain your health and this is where a lot of players do not understand.
  • Now this is something i call an open secret and this works for me effectively.Wait for others to engage and then make your move by getting in the middle of the attack,
  • Here you go now, kill them all both with a good guns! this have always worked for me and will work for you.
  • Make good use of the grenades and other weapons. Try to use the weapons step by step.
  • Use your mind about your opponents positioning and plant time bomb and gas bombs where your opponents will reappear,they will die instantly. All is fair in love and war…;)
  • Make the most good use of your weapons range, different weapons have different range.
  • Keep in mind that snipers have the longest range followed by rocket launcher and other.
  • When two opponents are fighting, just grab the machette and cut both of them down. Check your fuel before jumping in.
  • Go to settings > configure > and activate the 2x option. Now you will have a wider view while playing.
  • Keep a sense of sportsmanship while you are playing the game. Do not use mods because by using the mods you will lose the charm. Do not gas the spawn site as it is unethical to do so. If you want to excel in the game do not play with a mindset of just winning the game somehow. I am also against commiting suicides

Final Verdict

Single campaign is exhausting and dull where matches played through wifi or web is fun, engaging and addictive. The reward pack gives the player new character customization, weapons, new maps, and so forth. In spite of the fact that still, the free version is better than average if content hungry. Because of toon illustrations ,the base necessities to play the game is low so all lower end gadgets can play with smooth frame rate. This game is full of fun in multiplayer content.

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