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Developer: Smart Tools co.
Latest Version: 1.5.2 update 3 weeks ago
System: Android 4.0.3+

Install and run the application, draw a figure “8” in the air, hold the smartphone in your hands, and point the mobile device closer to the survey location. The readings on the screen above 50 µm will tell you where the metal objects are.


To find metal objects it is not necessary to use expensive specialized equipment.

You already have an expensive mobile device, a versatile tool with an abundance of built-in sensors.

  • Enable the application.
  • Direct the smartphone to the sky and draw a figure of "8", preferably a sweeping one.
  • Direct the smartphone closer to the subject.
  • Observe on the smartphone the indicator of the intensity of the magnetic field by default, this value corresponds to 49-50 µT and changes in a larger direction when approaching metal products.
  • Users often ask why it is necessary to draw a figure & laquo; 8 & raquo ;. The same action is necessary in the case of the activation of the compass and will need to use any other mobile applications.

    They use magnetic sensors in a mobile smartphone. Drawing a figure & laquo; 8 & raquo; in the air (and preferably directing the smartphone to the sky), we launch magnetic sensors. That's all.

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