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Flappy Bird is Simple, fun, Addictive and with nostalgic graphics. At some point you feel that the idea was brought from super Mario. While playing you will feel breathtaking difficulty, addictive and challenging gaming experience.

It will take longer to read this explanation of how Flappy Bird Apk works rather than downloading it (for free) on Android device and seeing absolutely everything you do in the first hand. Your bird flies slowly and firmly to the right, through an obstacle course of pipes that seem familiar. Each set that passes gives you a “ding” and a point. Just tap to hang up. But however simple it may seem, it usually takes only milliseconds to get its first exasperating taste of defeat.

“Dong Nyugen”, the creator of Flappy Bird App has never spent a single penny for publicizing of the App, although some suggest that he might have used bot service initially to download and review his app but this could not be the lone reason to catapult it to #1.”

This bird has wings

I’m terrible with Flappy Bird Apk, but that’s OK, I think that’s the point. Nobody is really “good” in Flappy Bird. Some people are less terrible than others. I’m still at the bottom of the pile, but like everyone else, I’m just trying to improve.

This is not the first time that Flappy Bird Apk seems a metaphor of life, and probably not the last. But I guess that’s what happens when something is so simple but frustrating at the same time.

You need to understand that you will die a lot while playing the game. You will not get a high score playing this game, but you can try. Yet, everyone was playing this game, if only for a brief glorious moment.

My Experience

Despite being so needlessly cruel, Flappy Bird is also extraordinarily fair and demanding. Here you will not find inexhaustible random schemes or end-of-stroke collision detection problems. Regardless of the number that appears on the screen when your random bird’s flight inevitably ends, it’s a badge, an immutable quantification of your ability and concentration. It is in this sense that Flappy Bird finds his only real success.

There are no claims, stories, reasons, but your limits for which the number on the screen can not be enlarged. Maybe this does not speak to you, but I did, and when I swore to walk, Flappy Bird took me to an embarrassing and inceptive place that was addictive to my brain’s eye.

Cool Tips For Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird will actually need you to concentrate. You might want to play in a quiet room or somewhere you know there is no distraction at all. Once you have launched the game, keep your focus on your taps. You need to be precise when you tap to be able to dodge each of the green tubes. Also note that practice makes perfect.

Instead of an iPhone or android cellphone, play Flappy Bird on a tablet

In spite of the fact that it’s conceivable to accomplish an amazing score on a cell phone, your thumb will undoubtedly act as a burden. Change to the iPad or an Android tablet and advantage from a significantly bigger screen that allows you to tap wherever you need while improving perspective of the activity.

Use short taps between channels

Snappy taps allow you to get into a cadence while in the meantime dodging those feared green funnels. In a perfect world, you should just tap one-to-two times to clear a pipe.

Keep away from the corners

Tapping too early will bring about Flappy Bird hitting a pipe’s corner, spelling certain fate. Ensure your taps give you enough space to clear a pipe totally.

Blink Carefully

The less you blink in Flappy Bird, the happier you’ll be. Ensure you flicker a lot of times before beginning a round, and run with speedy blinks between funnels to keep your eyes dampened yet solidly situated on the screen.

Remain Cool and Calm

This may appear evident, yet it’s extremely imperative. The more tense and focused on you get, the more awful you will play. In case you’re truly shooting for a high score, leave the game when you begin feeling baffled and return invigorated. The time it took to set up the iPad in the above tip was presumably as valuable as the bigger configuration toward showing signs of improvement score.

Keep on practicing you will get better by continuing playing it. Flappy Bird Game Apk, Play for Fun. While playing the game focus on what you’re doing. Practice makes perfect, good practice is better than bad practice. Enjoy the addicting game for Free and much greater than the old version.

Bottom Line

Flappy Bird Apk a good and simple video game and with the passage of time you will learn how to be a pro in this game. This game is funny and addictive. But its simple approach and its exaggerated and repetitive game make it a compelling short-term distraction to score skills and obsessions. It is a bird that only sings a note, and although it sings well, it does so while it unnecessarily flies to the ground.

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