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Developer: Foursaken Media
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System: Android 4.3+

The user's castle is completely surrounded by various magical creatures and will soon begin its siege in Heroes And Castles 2. On the one hand, goblins and orcs come behind the castle walls, and on the other, skeletons, so the user will have a hard time in this mess.

Features of the gameplay

The role-playing tactical fighter, which is "Heroes and Castles 2", provides its users with various types of lines of defense for their own castle, which is very convenient. Performing various tasks will improve the construction of the castle and increase the training of its troops.

Winning opponents, the user also receives various types of rewards and bonuses, which is very beneficial and practical. In difficult situations, the user can call on the form of his online friends.

Here you can build various towers that are useful in the siege of the castle, as well as fortified walls will help keep the level of the advancing enemies. Conquering new lands, the player must build a high-quality outpost. This will help keep the territory under the authority of the user.

What is a game

The & laquo; Heroes and Castles 2 & raquo; application is paid, and here there is paid content. A player can start the game as one of the races, and skills can be developed using a system of 9 classes.

This is very convenient and provides an opportunity for the unique development of your character. It is worth noting that in the action-game there are also several game modes, which will enable the user to choose a more comfortable way to play the game.

Below you can download a regular and hacked for money version of the game Heroes and Castles 2 in Russian on Android.

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