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Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Latest Version: 3.0.14 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.2+
Age: 3+
Size: 83 Mb

Super Mario Run is one of the best android game that is available on google playstore. This game is developed under the banner of one of the largest world’s company named Nintendo. The controls of the game are rather simple and easy. Players will just need to touch the screen to make Mario jump. And for long jump, do a long press on the screen. To play this game in a better way, you must have to avoid obstacles and jump through gaps smoothly. Also make sure to collect more coins and power-ups to progress. This game also have some other features that will surely increase your gaming experience.

Well. i guess you must be aware of the release of an andoid game named Pokemon Go which drove the world crazy. Within a short span of time that game made a big hit on google play store. Just after the few months, Nintendo’s star character, Mario, take over that game. Yes! we are talking about Super Mario Run, which was firts released for iOS app store and then followed by the google play store of Android. Foe the app store of Apple the game made a big hit. But for the android version the game recieved a lukewarm ranking.

Whatever the reason was, we are going to share each and every detail about Super Mario Run Apk. This game will surely bring fun for you and you will spend hours in making progress without even realizing. The concept of this game was similar to the oroginal Super mario game and is famous for the main character, that is: Mario.

What is Super Mario Run Apk:

Super Mario Run Apk Latest Version is one of the highly demanded and famous android game which got its cocept from the original Super Mario Game and have almost similar features to that.

The simple and starighforward gameplay of this game, will make you play this game with just single hand. Press the screen to make your hero jump, Start the game and automatically, Mario will run from left to right. We really hope, this game will give you an easy and full of fun gaming experience.

Features of Super Mario Run Apk:

Unlike previous Super Mario Game, Super Mario Run Apk 3.0.10 Latest Version comes with some amazing and exclusive gaming content which is listed below. This amazing content was the reason for the big hit of this game that includes:

  • Short Courses: Super Mario Run Apk comes with Remix 10 mode in which you can play through 10 short courses. The best thing about this is that the courses change each time you play. This feature drives Super Mario lovers insane over the game.
  • Stylish Moves: The Super Mario Run Apk for Android also comes with some stylish moves. You can compete against the stylish moves of other players for getting coins and get cheered on by a crowd of Toads.
  • Unlock New Levels: As we know, Super Mario Run Apk comes with three new special coins – Black, Purple, and Pink which are usually found in hidden areas. You can unlock new levels by collection those special coins.
  • Special Coins: Well, we all know that in Super Mario, we need to collect Gold coins to progress. However, Super Mario Run Apk comes with three new special coins – Black, Purple, and Pink which are found in hard to reach areas.
  • World Tour:Well, the game comes with 24 exciting courses to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. Every course can be enjoyed in different ways. This is what makes Super Mario Run Apk interesting.
  • No Bugs: Well, most of the Android games available on Google Play Store comes with few bugs which irritate the gaming experience. However, Super Mario Run Apk is entirely bug-free, and it also receives the frequent updateSo, these are just a few features of Super Mario Run Apk which we have mentioned above. Apart from all of these, the game comes with lots of other exciting stuff which you can explore while playing the game.

How To Install Super Mario Run Apk On Android:

Now, it is the time for you to install Super Mario Run Apk at your android device,i.e; tablet or a smartphone. The step wise and easy instructions are given below that will help you install the game. What you have to do is to follow the steps carefully to avoid any error.

  • On the very first note, Download Super Mario Run Apk on your android smartphone or tablet. Do remember the location where you are going to save the downloaded file.
  • After downloading, it is the time to enable the Unknown Sources on your android phone. For this purpose head towards the Privacy and security section in the settings, where you will see the option of unknown sources…simply enable it.
  • After enabling, it si the time to move towards the location where you have saved the downloaded file and after opening it just tap on “install”
  • Installing the app will take few seconds, wait for it. Once installed, open the app drawer of your Android phone and then tap on ” Super Mario Run Apk”

Thats it! You are all done now. Be carefull while following these simple steps because a little negligence may cause errors. But still if your face any difficulty or have any questions regarding this application do make us notice by dropping your comments in the comment box given below.

Final Words:

We have discussed almost everything about Super Mario Run Apk. You are well aware of the impressive features, gameplay and the things like that now. Just download the game and experience the non ending fun.

Do tell us about the apps or games that you want to have on your smartphones for free. We will try our best to help you out in any difficulty reagarding the apps we are providing. Your issues or views are highly appreciable so share your thoughts or issues with us in the comment box given below. Thank You!

Download Super Mario Run

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