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Developer: MadOut Games
Latest Version: 1 update 3 months ago
System: Android 2.3+

The game has incorporated the best features of NFS, Carmageddon, Blur and other legendary races. Users are offered to try on the role of crazy racers, driven by adrenaline and new sensations!


The gameplay is very dynamic. Users are offered to participate in races for a while and compete with numerous rivals. And in any races encouraged the destruction of enemy vehicles and all sorts of violations on the road. Naturally, while you need to get to the finish line first, what is the point in racing?

Victory in the race is accompanied by a cash reward. Users can enhance auto or & hellip; install guns. By the way, bonuses with cannons, as well as shields, mines, rockets and other weapons can be picked up directly on the map.

Graphics and Management

The visual component can be called a good one for mobile platforms, but the same graphics would have looked quite out of place on computers, but modern racing simulators practically blur the boundaries between computer and mobile graphics. In addition, in the case of this game, the world is constantly “lapping”, and the number of frames per second constantly drops to uncomfortable values.

The control system in the game is implemented through the onscreen keys. In the lower left are the keys & laquo; Left & raquo; and & laquo; Right & raquo ;, & laquo; Nitro & raquo; and “Fire”, on the right side of the brake and gas pedal, and several others.

On you can download not only the original version of the game MadOut Open City (MadOut Open City) for Android, but also hacked for money.

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