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Latest Version:1.6.5
Last Updated On:23.01.2020
Android Required‎:4.3+

In front of you is an exciting tactical shooter with a third-person view. Graphics, music and voice are so well made that the application blurs the boundaries between mobile and desktop games.

Game Story

While the crew of Artemis (commander of the ship) was in suspended animation, the ship was captured by space pirates. Come out of sleep, travelers found that enemies exceed their number. But, without losing heart, they break through to the lifeboats and leave the ship.

They managed to land on a planet, the promised planet. They hope to find help, but soon all face the same pirates, and the action acquires a new round of development: it's not where to run, so they decided to fight the brazen marauders!


The game is a tactical shooter with a top view. The user himself builds attack tactics. You can sneak up on the enemy unnoticed (stealth mode), and you can speak in the open, using the entire rich arsenal of weapons.

Available as conventional firearms and machine guns, and laser guns, explosives, helper drones, and so on. Of course, the ammunition in the game ends, and the health is also not infinite, so special “life-giving” & raquo; are scattered around the locations. sources.

Manage characters is offered in real time. To do this, a virtual joystick is implemented in the bottom left of the screen and conveniently located active keys that allow you to call for help, change weapons, change position, fire at the enemy, and so on.

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