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Developer: DroidHen
Latest Version: 1.1.9 update 3 months ago
System: Android 2.3+

In this entertaining game, you must keep monsters off the walls of your castle. Use for this purpose defensive towers and spells, gradually improving your defense capabilities.

First Launch

When you first enter the game, you need to select a free slot to save and decide on the level of difficulty. Then we will see the castle walls, on which an avalanche of monsters is coming one after another. If the monsters reach the wall, they will begin to destroy it, and if they succeed, you will lose. At the first entrance you will find a training mode, which details the mechanics of the game: control, purchase and improvement of towers, use of skills, and so on.

Features of the gameplay

So, users need to protect the walls of their castle, not allowing them to approach the monsters. This can be done with the help of towers installed along the perimeter of the fence, as well as with special skills with rollback.

For example, at the very beginning there will be a fireball with a relatively wide scope and a short rollback of 15 seconds. As the gameplay you will be able to improve the ball, as well as open other spells. With increasing spell power, the cooldown time increases.

A Defender feature is the ability to control both skills and towers: you can periodically interrupt the automatic fire of defenses to attack a certain monster, change trajectories, select single or salvo shots.

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Download Defender

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