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Developer:Uppercut Games Pty Ltd
Latest Version:1.5.2
Last Updated On:27.04.2019
Android Required‎:2.3+

In this game you will see the decline of human civilization. The planet was destroyed so that now only robots can live here.

Story and action in the game

Earth survived the apocalypse. But people do not. The conditions on the planet are such that only robots can stay here. However, peaceful coexistence is not for them.

Robots endlessly fight each other. You will play for one of these mechanized creatures. Help the robot to take part in numerous battles and defeat a huge number of opponents. Fight without fear and pity to prove your superiority to everyone else.

Only with your help, he will be able to unravel all the secrets of a bygone civilization and find out what really happened on this planet. Collect fragments of an incredibly interesting and tragic story, bit by bit, and find the true cause of the apocalypse.

Graphics and Management

Bright and colorful graphics is one of the main advantages of this game. The gameplay is accompanied by realistic special effects and memorable fighting scenes. All levels of the game worked out in detail.

If we talk about management, it is perfectly adapted for modern mobile devices. Having mastered it, you can make instant tactical decisions. You are very useful skill search for suitable shelters, because it is not always necessary to attack opponents in the frontal. All heroes have special abilities that you should learn to use.

Here you can download for Android both the original version of the game Epoch (Epoch) and the hacked one.

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