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Sword Art Online role-playing game with an emphasis on the combat system. You are completely immersed in the world of virtual battles, thanks to the intuitive battle system.


Give your character a name and go to an exciting battle. You have to go only 100 floors of the tower Aynkrad. The game is based on battles. The battle system implies not just the need to endlessly click on the screen, but to use special combinations using tapas and swipes. Thanks to the implemented system of step-by-step training, you will be able to quickly master all the wisdom of conducting virtual combat.


The main feature of Sword Art Online is the combat system. Thanks to an intuitive control, based directly on tapas and swipes, and not active keys and joysticks, you get the opportunity to dive into the virtual universe (in accordance with what was described in the same anime). Parry, blocks and dodging, attacks, counterattacks and combo attacks all these and many other elements of the battle charge with energy and adrenaline!


The graphics in the game is two-dimensional, but at the same time it has excellent visual effects and colorful. Obviously, the game is made in the style of anime, and on the background sounds great Japanese pop music. The game does not support the Russian language, but it is translated into English. The general essence of the replicas, thanks to a simplified presentation, can be understood.

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