Warlords of Aternum

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Category: Games
Developer: InnoGames GmbH
Latest Version: 0.68.0 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.1+

This game is very much like a series of Heroes of Might and Magic in terms of gameplay. Try to defeat the enemy not only with force, but also with cunning.

Features of the gameplay

Dewport is captured by hordes of greenskins. This is a commercial settlement, in which there are no intelligent soldiers. Freeing him, you bathe in the glory and adoration of the townspeople. In this game, all the battles take place step by step. Arrange your troops on the battlefield and get ready for exciting battles. Approach opponents, delivering crushing blows to them. The rival, in turn, will do the same. The one who is the first to destroy absolutely every enemy warrior down to the last will win.

As you progress through the game, your army will constantly increase. To join you magicians, archers and so on. When planning a combat strategy, you need to remember the strengths and weaknesses of each class of fighters. Each victory in battles will bring you in-game currency. You can spend it on various items that improve the characteristics of the selected squad.


The graphical component of the game at altitude. The project will give you a bright picture and beautiful animation. All the characters are perfectly traced. Locations are well thought out and diversified.

Key Benefits

  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Many unique characters.
  • Exciting missions.
  • Character Development System.

Below you can download the game Warlords as a regular version, and with a burglary for damage and life

Download Warlords of Aternum

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