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Category: Games
Developer: BYV
Latest Version: 1.1.5 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+

The application has a well-traced graphics, as well as interesting gameplay. And your gadget should support Android 4.1 or higher.

Game Description

Stikmen’s castle and catapult, with which he will attack enemies, are on the left side of the display. Immediately you will fight with one enemy, a catapult and a fortress which will be on the other side.

To win, you need to deal with the catapult and the deputy of the enemy, until he first defeated you. To do this, you will throw at the opponents stone blocks that are represented in unlimited quantities. Shooting from a catapult is very simple.

It is only necessary to make an easy swipe to adjust the range and strength of the cobblestone flight. If you hit the catapult or the enemy, you can immediately win. However, targeting the game will not work, because the castles of opponents will always be in a new place.

Game Details

Often, the catapults of enemies will float altogether, throwing projectiles at your hero. With the passage of the game its complexity will increase significantly. Enemy catapults will also become more powerful, so defeating them will be much more difficult.

The gameplay provides several bonuses, namely a bomb that can destroy any obstacles, and a roll of 3 cobbles. In the second case, your chances of destroying the enemy increase.

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