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Developer: the3daction.com
Latest Version: 1.54 update 6 days ago
System: Android +

Everything went well, but people who began to thaw were turning into bloodthirsty zombies. The village boy will not only defeat all the monsters and save his beloved, but with the help of a player he will cope with this task.

Game Details

A bloody zombie shooter is in its essence a “Occupation” game, which is fully adapted for smartphones and tablets on Android OS. Grim graphics and the corresponding sound perfectly complements the gameplay.

The game has 2 modes, one of which is a single player campaign, and the second is a free game. This game is suitable even for weak mobile devices, since it only requires Android 2.3 and above.

The process of passing the story

The poor girl fell into the hands of an evil boss, so the player needs to get to him, bypassing the crowds of monsters, defeat the kidnapper and save her beloved. In this game there are up to 9 different mobs and monsters that are distinguished by their bloodlust and endurance.

Day in the game replaces the night and vice versa. You can shoot at enemies on the auto-aim or disable its use. For weak mobile devices it is possible to turn off the shadow, moon and sun in the settings.

This will allow the game to avoid stuttering. There is an abundance of buildings, such as cafes, shops or motels, where you can buy food and other useful things.

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