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Developer:Crescent Moon Games
Latest Version:2.51
Last Updated On:04.05.2019
Android Required‎:4.4+

Choose a class and create your character, get ready to shoot a lot, solve puzzles and help teammates. The game will please the open world, superb graphics, easy controls and an elaborate system of improvements.

Story and action in the game

Events take place on the planet & laquo; Aurora 9 & raquo ;. Time actions 2375 year. Scientists first landed on the planet. They spent a lot of time here and founded a full colony with the Shahs.

However, for a long time, they have not been in touch. Arriving at the scene to clarify the circumstances, you, as a mercenary, descend into the mine, from where the SOS signal comes, but discover corpses and enter into a firefight with aliens.

This is how your first-person journey begins for one of the attack or support players. Try as soon as possible to find a way up and get out of this damn planet.

First Launch

When you first enter, we are asked to create your own character. Built-in editor allows you to select the class and gender, customize the appearance of the character. There are 3 classes in the game: Spy, Soldier, Adept. Each has its own advantages and has to conduct a specific strategy of combat.

Regardless of the class you choose, you will have to solve puzzles, interact with various objects, explore open locations and, of course, fight aliens. Thanks to the magnificent three-dimensional graphics, immersion in the game is guaranteed.

Then you can download for Android not only the full version of Exiles, but also the hacked one.

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