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Developer: VOLV Interactive
Latest Version: 1.9.0 update 5 months ago
System: Android 2.3+

This is a real-time strategy with single player and multiplayer modes. Rebuild the base, train the infantry, produce tanks and aircraft, as well as destroy enemies.

First Launch

At the first entrance we are offered to choose a side. This may be the north polar legion or silver fox. After choosing the side, we will meet with the general, who will bring us up to date, and will accurately describe the algorithm of actions at the initial stages. From him we learn what and how to build first, where to mine iron and gold, how and where to train shooters and other members of our military formation.


Gameplay in Warfare Nations can be divided into single-player and multiplayer. In the first we are waiting for a large number of different tasks for example, you need to free your soldiers from captivity or capture an enemy strategic object.

Army management is based simply: you need to select a detachment (a figure on the main area) and direct it to the desired point. In the same uncomplicated manner, all soldiers can be sent into battle, indicating the direction of the attack. Similarly, you can give commands to retreat to heal, gather a more powerful army and rush at the enemy fully armed.

Having won the next battle, we will receive coins, which serve as game currency to improve soldiers and equipment, mining facilities and production plants. We can also train not only infantrymen, but also use tanks and aircraft in battle.

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