Zombie Highway 2

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Category: Games
Developer: Auxbrain Inc
Latest Version: 1.4.3 update 3 months ago
System: Android 4.0+
Age: 16+

The game is a racing zombie action in which you have to do everything possible to get out of a city full of undead.

Game Story

It all started with the fact that there was a zombie apocalypse. Survivors are not so many, and they all will soon join the ranks of the walking dead, if they do nothing. The ruined metropolis is full of zombies who are ready to pounce on all living creatures.

The protagonist is trying to escape from this damned city in his car, driving along its streets and suburban highway at mad speeds. Fortunately, he has a huge amount of weapons at his disposal, thanks to which he can set the heat of this distraught crowd of ghouls. Fight to the last!


Your zombie mobile is very well armed, so that not one hundred walking dead will die under its wheels. Rush away from the city, while knocking down all the zombies that you find on the way. They, of course, will oppose you in every way. Zombies will jump on a speeding car to get to you.

But on this your problems are just beginning to numerous cars that were thrown onto the highway by other people, create very serious road obstacles. However, if you take advantage of the situation correctly, then the remnants of cars and urban buildings will allow you to turn vile ghouls into stale stuffing.

Below you can download for Android both the original version of the game Zombie Highway 2 (Zombie Highway 2) and hacked for money .

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