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Choose a warrior and participate in & laquo; gladiatorial & raquo; battles The only difference from the spectacular battles that took place in the arena of the Roman Empire is the ability to use firearms (and not only) weapons.

Game Modes

  • Free For All. In this mode, everyone fights for himself. Mass fighting is the most popular.
  • Team Deathmatch. In this mode, you will have to become part of the team and oppose a group of opponents of a similar number.
  • Tournament. In this mode, you can fight with any real player 1 on 1. And the tournament is organized in such a way that at the very end opponents converge.
  • Capture The Flag. In this mode, you need to steal the flag of the enemy, not allowing you to do the same with your own.
  • Also, the game has single player mode with similar modes.


    Dynamic gameplay is based on battles. The first time will have to adapt to high speeds and overall dynamics, but soon you will be able to easily navigate and still have time to distribute headshots to opponents in the heat of battle.

    For the destruction of opponents are encouraged to use a large number of different types of weapons. A total of 9 varieties are offered, including shotguns, plasma gun, and the legendary BFG-10K. To win you need to learn how to correctly use the features of the levels, namely portals and various bonuses.

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