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This is a program for hacking web sessions easily. With it, you can easily access other people's confidential data.


Using this program is very easy and convenient. It can work in automatic mode. To do this, just press the button responsible for the start. All sessions available for hacking will be displayed on the screen. The principle of operation of this software is quite simple. The utility uses a known security flaw in social networks. The latter is encrypted only on the login page, where the login and password are entered.

As for the rest of the session, it is not subjected to encryption due to the difficulty of performing such a voluminous task. In this regard, in the future unencrypted areas can be easily intercepted.


What is this application capable of? In order to find out, it is necessary to present a hypothetical situation. It can be assumed that a person goes to a cafe to have a cup of coffee. In this institution there is free wi-fi. The visitor connects to the Web, enters the login and password of their accounts, browses social networks and communicates with friends.

After some time, another person can use the same cafe who uses the DroidSheep program. Using it, he can quietly get access to all that the previous visitor was looking at, including passwords from social network accounts.

Then you can download the regular version of the DroidSheep application for Android absolutely free!

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