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This is a program that provides the ability to find out everything that happens on someone else's mobile device. This includes calls, SMS messages and much more.


The need to know about what is happening in the smartphone of a loved one, arises due to different circumstances. Someone is worried about his child, someone needs to calculate adultery. Whatever it was, the program provides full access to what is happening on the mobile device of another person. In particular, it will be possible to get acquainted with the history of switching on and off the smartphone, determine its location, see the browsing of Internet surfing, read the log of calls and messages. Access to multimedia content is also provided.

Key Benefits

Installing this application takes only a few minutes. You only need to download the utility on the desired device and run it. After that, you need to erase all traces of the installation and rejoice at the new opportunity to view any information from another mobile device on your personal computer.

The application is running in invisible mode. What does this mean? The fact that the user will never guess that this program is installed on his gadget. It allows you to covertly spying. At the same time, the utility does not interfere with the work of other applications.

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