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Developer: Gluten Free Games LLC
Latest Version: 1.1 update 1 week ago
System: Android 2.3+

It would seem that an ordinary cat and an ordinary metropolis, what is so interesting about it? But what is usually for us is completely unusual for animals: the cat has to face many dangers in the face of people, cars, other animals, weather conditions.


So, users are in the role of a cat. The virtual animal lives in the huge world of the megalopolis. The city is full of dangers and not only man-made. People, cars, other animals, weather conditions all affect the health and life of the main character. We have to help the cat survive, find friends and effectively confront enemies, among which will be other cats, dogs, mice, rats.

When you first start the game, we have to choose a cat. Each character is distinguished not only by its unique appearance, but also by its unique characteristics and abilities. On the size you should not pay attention. As a "bonus" & raquo; The developers have made it possible to grow cats the size of a house. Feel the difference in the gameplay!


Simulator cat simulator its survival in a huge metropolis. It turns out that for survival it is necessary not only to skillfully find food in the city’s doorways, but also to make useful contacts with other cats that can help in finding food, searching for good people, etc. /p>

Below you can download for Android both the original version of the game Cat Simulator (Ultimate Cat Simulator) and burglary.

Download Ultimate Cat Simulator

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