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In the game HalfLine Apocalypse, all events take place in real time, so the further development of the story depends on your every decision. All that you order the main character, he will immediately perform, without questioning your intuition and competence.

Game Story

Hardly anyone can say for sure if there are parallel worlds. However, according to the plot of this game, there are distant planets where other creatures live who are capable of thinking no worse than humans. But one cannot be sure that this is reliable information, since the person’s imagination often makes the desired and fantastic very realistic.

Game Details

The main character is Alex Blake, who is among the few people who were lucky to not only learn, but also to visit parallel worlds.

The usual laws of physics and logic do not apply to them, so almost anything can happen. Every time Alex resorts to black magic, someone from his family or friends dies with a strange death. He wants to resurrect all the dead, as well as revenge on the enemies.

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