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The game Tekken Mobile turned out to be very atmospheric and constantly keeps the user on their toes.


As a plot, one of the stories was taken, which was considered the original version of the game. The planet is once again trying to capture a dangerous anti-hero, but strong fighters come together to fight off the invader.

Initially, Nina Williams and Jean Kazuya join the union. All fights are dynamic. But you do not have to endlessly poke the edges on your display. It is very important to choose the right distance, and also to collect all the forces to carry out a full series of combo attacks.

Do not forget to also change various skills, because without this, defeating strong opponents will not work. Abilities are represented in the game in the form of cards. You need to click on them so that your fighter can conduct a certain attack.

Gameplay Features

During the game you will need to collect a combination of a deck with fighters. Understand the strength of each of them, you will help the asterisks. Each card can be improved, which will increase the total power.

In any battle, three cards of fighters will take part. The game has a great graphics, so to some extent it can compete with many AAA + projects.

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