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Category: Games
Developer: Pepi Play
Latest Version: 1.0.68 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+

The application is incredibly simple, so it will be interesting only for the children's public. You can install it on any Android device with OS not lower than 4.0.

Brief essence of the game

By and large, the game acts as a fun and very simple simulator of everyday life. The kid will be able to follow the daily life of all the members of the Pappy family, who will live in a completely ordinary house.

The child will have to control the activities of each family member, so that everything goes on as usual. It is important that Pepi’s house is constantly cleaned, and all family members eat on time and have no complaints about their lives.

All processes in the game seem to be fun mini-games, but with their help your baby will be able to understand why it is so important to take care of everyday affairs. Pappy’s family will live in a large house with many floors.

The user can easily navigate these floors to keep track of what each household does. The game provides a lot of interactive items, so small users will be very interesting.


Regardless of age, each user will quickly understand the capabilities and gameplay, as the application is completely Russified. Some purchases are offered for real money, but, in fact, donate is not appropriate here at all. Sometimes there is an advertisement, but when you turn off the Internet and you can completely forget about this problem.

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