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Category: Games
Developer: AKPublish pty ltd
Latest Version: 1.6.69 update 3 weeks ago
System: Android 4.1+

The game harmoniously combines many genres, prompting the user to solve the puzzle “three in a row”. The main character will strike at your every successful action, or take damage on failure.

Story and action in the game

The main character is a guy named John, who has just crazy adventures. Moving through uncharted worlds in search of the way home, John will have to fight with many different opponents.

You have to help the protagonist to win every battle by solving puzzles in the genre of "three in a row". Each successful action will allow the protagonist to inflict damage to the enemy, and the more figures will be arranged in a row, the stronger the damage. In turn, if you fail to unite the figures, you expose John under attack.


The developers managed to harmoniously combine several directions at once. Moreover, together they create a so-called synergistic effect, when genres are all together better than each of the genres separately.

For example, users are very clear about the goal of adding three three in a row, and they understand that the battle will be over exactly when there are no figures left in the game area that need to be removed according to the task.

Speaking about the elements of other genres, it is worth noting that after successful battles and collecting bonuses for killed enemies, John will be able to buy equipment for himself, elixirs and scrolls, as well as many other game items that will increase his chances of survival.

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